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SPSS Training In Nepal

SPSS Training

ㅤ Duration:3 WeeksㅤCareer:Research Assistant,Data Analyst. ,Marketing Intern,Project Manager,Consultant,Data Scientist.
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SPSS is a Windows based program that can be used to perform data entry and analysis and to create tables and graphs. SPSS is capable of handling large amounts of data and can perform all of the analyses covered in the text and much more. SPSS is commonly used in the Social Sciences and in the business world, so familiarity with this program should serve you well in the future. SPSS is updated often. This document was written around an earlier version, but the differences should not cause any problems. If you want to go further and learn much more about SPSS, I strongly recommend Andy Field’s book (Field, 2009, Discovering statistics using SPSS). Those of us who have used software for years think that we know it all and don’t pay a lot of attention to new features

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