Excellent Tutors

We have one of the best faculties that a student can get. We provide best teacher faculty members.


Scholarships are provided to the students who are deserving and has special entusiasm for learning particular course.

Academic environment

We Provide Academic environment for the student to learn better and grow day by day.

Practical Learning

We focus on practical learning and we provide students with all the requirements to learn practically.

Web site competition

Targeting see stdents we provide platform for those students by conducting see website cmpetition so that they can practically know about designing and development cycle.


After the completion of course we ask students to submit project work so that we will be asured of their capability to solve problems and do great in their resprctive fields.

Online Classes

For students unable to take classes physically we provide online classes so that they dont have to attend class physicallay.

Exposure to commercial Market

Only gaining skill is not enough to know its use and market needs one need o expose to market itself here at life computer we provide that environment.


We provide our stdents with internship looking at their ability to solve prblems and come up with new ideas.

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